10 Lessons I Learnt At 23

10 Lessons I Learnt At 23

1. Things work together for your good, just be patient.

While you are waiting, do not sit idle, work hard and give yourself a good chance for success.


2. Just because you are down in one moment does not mean you cannot get back up.

This year my life literally changed in within 3 months. Initially, I found myself in place I did not want to be. It was a blessing in disguise, I got time to strategize, figure myself out and update my skills. It also gave me the zeal to seek out opportunities outside of my comfort zone.


3. Speak positive things into existence.

Your words are life. No matter your situation, do not affirm the negative by speaking negative words. Proclaim positive words.


4. Do not allow emotions to cloud your judgement.

Think with your head, especially when it comes to business. 


5. Take care of yourself

Take care of your health and mental health. This year I identified the things that give me joy and I did them. Save up, make plans and live your life.


6. All that glitters is not gold, test every spirit.

This coincides with number 5, they might talk the talk, but do they really mean well. Guard your heart and your talents.


7. Write the vision and see it through.

Last year, I made a mood board of my aspirations. Every morning I look at my mood board and I can see the progress I am making. I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I was before. Writing down your aspirations and ideas allow you to reflect and measure your progress.


8. You inspire people, you do not know. Keep pushing and do not let yourself down.

This is a reminder. You are not small, and you are definitely not insignificant. Keep pushing.


9. It is okay to have insecurities, do not let them rule you.

Like any female or male, I have securities. Having a presence on social media may exacerbate them but this year I refuse to be ruled by my insecurities.  Identify what makes you unique, your strengths and how you can improve and better yourself  ( do not compromise your values).


10. Your faith will move mountains.

 God has never failed me and will never fail me.


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