5 Reasons why you need a vision board this year

Making a Vision Board

I have had the same vision boards for three years and upon reflection , my vision boards needed a revamp. What is a vision board?
A vision board is a collage of images or affirmations of goals and vision, it is created to serve as a source of inspiration, motivation, and attain goals.

Every day I look at my vision boards, they inspire and motivate me but I need to set bigger goals and even be more specific about my goals for different aspects of my life. You can have a vision board for your career, fitness, relationship or financial goals. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a vision board in the new year.

1. It is a great visualisation tool

I am a list person but there is something about images that just captures and tells the story. The statement “write the vision and make it plain” is well known. I say see the vision and it will be plain.

2.A vision board keeps you motivated

A visual representation of your goals or dreams allows you to stay motivated. You may not be where you need to be but one day it will become a reality with hard work and consistency.

Making a Vision Board
Making a Vision Board

3. Be accountable and refocus

A vision board allows you to be accountable for your progress. If you have not achieved your goal/s in a year or 5 years, then a vision board is helpful to refocus and strategize how will achieve your goals or if they are still a priority.

4. It makes you think outside of your limitations

Sometimes they are things you want for yourself, but it may seem difficult. For example, buying your first home even though you are currently single or broke. A vision board allows you to dream big and see beyond your limitations. I definitely do not know how I will achieve all of my goals but I do know that sometimes dreams come true (God! I am cheesy).

Making a Vision Board
Making a Vision Board

5.The process is fun

Finally, putting together a vision board is fun. You can make a vision board on your own, with friends, family and even your partner. Grab a few old magazines or downloadpictures, quotes, anything that helps to visualise your goal/s.

Making a Vision Board

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