A love letter to myself

Towards the end of the year many get reflective and sometimes feel they have not achieved enough. Every year I try to go back to my list of “things I want to achieve”. I later plan for the year ahead with a heart of gratitude.

This year I decided to write a love letter to myself because I kicked ass this year. Although I am waiting for some major breakthroughs in 2019, you have to encourage yourself and cherish the present.

A love letter to myself

In 2018, you humbled yourself, you worked in quiet and your hard work is paying off

You set your bar very high and you are gaining ground

You are always looking for opportunities to develop and grow

Do not doubt yourself or feel small

You are wise and intuitive

You are kind and generous

You are creative

You are beautiful

You are emotional, yet passionate

It is okay to care about others and it may feel like you are giving too much of yourself, but this is the way your heart is set up.

Do not compare yourself to anyone, if you keep pushing your time will come

In 2019,

You are strong and courageous

You are loved and celebrated

You are successful and impactful

You are a phenomenal woman

Enough of all this mushy stuff, maybe you can try writing a love letter to yourself. You can reflect on your letter as encouragement if you ever feel down in 2019. Encourage yourself and set goals for 2019.

See you in the New Year


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