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Welcome to LA|YO

LA|YO by Victoria is a style and personal development platform.  LA|YO by Victoria was born in July 2015, as a form of self-expression. LA|YO is about equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge to improve their wellbeing, to be inspired, to follow creative and unconventional paths. 

  About me 

I am Titilayo Victoria Bola-Okerinde (Call me Vicky). I am a Public health professional, a creative enthusiast and content creator. I love creating through the mediums of music, art, and fashion design.

LA|YO’s Story

 “LAYO” in the Yoruba language means ” BE JOYFUL“.

LA|YO by Victoria was born in July 2015, as a platform for self-expression. 3 years ago, I met Chief Adenike Okundaye and she mistook me for an artist. Being the curious bee that I am I began to ask her a series of questions. She emphasised the importance of being your authentic self and the power in telling your authentic story. Almost two year ago I started a project called “Creatives in Focus“, I have been interviewing creatives all telling their authentic stories through interviews displayed on LA|YO to inspire and empower. 

I have watched the blog and my passion grow as I develop as an individual and a creative and  I am excited about where this journey leads. I hope this blog makes a positive impact as you read.




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