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Welcome to LA|YO

Layo by Victoria is a style and personal development platform. Layo by Victoria celebrates creativity and showcases content intending to equip individuals with inspiration for self-development and social impact.


 “LAYO” in the Yoruba language means ” BE JOYFUL“.


  About Me 

I am Titilayo Victoria Bola-Okerinde (call me Vicky). I am a twenty-something-year-old deep thinker, creative enthusiast and content creator. 

As a young girl, I expressed myself through my style and music. I started sketching designs as early as 9 years old and later made fashion design my hobby. I must admit as a teenager I focused on my outward appearance but am glad I have now switched my perspective. Lately, I have been focussing on what is inside, my spirituality, my wellbeing and character. The journey to self-discovery and development started in my early 20’s. I am still discovering who I am as a woman, as a professional and creative. 

On Layo by Victoria, I will be sharing style, lifestyle and personal development posts. I will also be joined by some amazing individuals in the form of interviews, podcasts and collaborations. As you navigate this website, I hope to inspire you to look your best, feel your best and create for positive impact.



   Social Impact Project

Creatives in Focus

A few years ago, I met the legendary artist, Chief Adenike Okundaye. She emphasised the importance of being your authentic self and the power in telling your authentic story.  I believe her words ignited my passion to hear and showcase the stories creatives to inspire and empower. 

This passion produced a project called “Creatives in Focus“. Creatives in Focus is a collation of conversations with creatives sharing their stories and drive for social impact.

You can find out more about Creatives in Focus –> Here





I hope this platform makes a positive impact as you read.




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