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Creatives in Focus
Creatives in Focus

Welcome to Creatives in Focus, the podcast where we discuss the journey to excellence and creating for impact through innovation and entrepreneurship.

On this podcast, I will be joined by creatives and entrepreneurs who are excelling in their fields and creating for positive impact. The Creative in Focus conversations will cover social impact, public health and entrepreneurship. My vision for this podcast is to inspire you to discover, grow and make your creative passions a successful and impactful reality.

 A word to describe the vision for Creatives in Focus is “social impact”. Social impact can be defined as the effect on people and communities that happens as a result of an action or inaction, an activity, project, programme or policy. Every day I am inspired by creatives and brands creating and influencing positive change. For example, designers taking a bold stance on sustainability and accountability within the fashion industry or the Style House Files, a fashion business development agency that is promoting the advancement of the African fashion industry.

I believe it is important for creatives, professionals, young and ageing to work towards excellence. As creatives, we should do things well, do things right and cause a positive ripple effect. Over the last three years, I have interviewed amazing creative entrepreneurs including fashion designers, models, bloggers and artists. I have gained a wealth of information and inspiration from these interviews. One thing that has stood out to me is the power that brands, businesses and individuals have to create a positive impact within their sphere and society. To achieve this, these creatives are resilient and always striving for excellence. The Creative in Focus interviews were originally published on my website. However, I wanted to take this project series to the next level.  I want to bring the creative in focus interviews just one step closer to you.

My wish is that as you listen to the Creative in Focus podcast is that you will be inspired to be impactful through your craft, through your business or in your community.

I hope this podcast encourages self-belief, entrepreneurship and excellence to inspire you to discover and make your passions a successful and impactful reality.

Thank you for listening to the Creatives in Focus podcast!

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Podcast Host: Victoria Bola-Okerinde

Editor: Abbie Stewart

Music : Ronald Choji

Artwork: Oyinkan Olotu


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