Deena Tissera- Politics, Public health and influencing change

Courtesy of Deena Tissera
Courtesy of Deena Tissera

Welcome to the Creatives in Focus Podcast. The podcast where we discuss the journey to excellence and creating for impact.

On this podcast, I will be joined by creatives and entrepreneurs who are excelling in their fields and creating for positive impact. The Creative in Focus conversations will cover social impact, public health and entrepreneurship. My vision for this podcast is to inspire you to discover, grow and make your creative passions a successful and impactful reality.

This is episode 7! This week, I had an insightful conversation with Deena Tissera is a Community councillor and a PhD student. Deena is the vice-chairperson of the George Street Community Council in Aberdeen, Scotland and sits on several strategic boards as an active member pushing for change in the public health and political sphere.  

Deena has worked with the NHS and other key public health organisations. Deena’s journey is extremely inspiring from representing Sri Lanka in the Miss World pageant in 2015 to finding her voice and finding the strength to impact change in her community and wider.

On this episode we discuss Deena’s passion to use her voice and position to stand in the gap for others and advocate for equality and better health. Deena shares the key moments in her life that ignited her passion address gaps in her community. We discuss the highs and lows of being a BAME woman in politics and the need for more representation within this field. We even touch on Brexit, and the possible impacts it will have on young people and creatives start-ups. Indeed, in times like this creativity is required to ensure that we are problem solvers addressing gaps and creating for impact.


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