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Welcome to the Creatives in Focus Podcast. The podcast where we discuss the journey to excellence and creating for impact.

On this podcast, I will be joined by creatives and entrepreneurs who are excelling in their fields and creating for positive impact. The creative in focus conversations will cover social impact, public health and entrepreneurship. My vision for this podcast is to inspire you to discover, grow and make your creative passions a successful and impactful reality. This is the very first episode of Creatives in Focus!! This week I had a lovely conversation with Dunola Oladapo, a young woman passionate about social impact, specifically empowering young people through education.  

Dunola is the founder of Luton lights an initiative for young women living in Luton. Luton Lights aims to inspire and equip young individuals with the tools to achieve their true potential. Dunola mentioned something powerful during our conversation “changing the perspectives of young people enables them to aspire, to believe they can one day work in these environments”.

Luton Lights is shining a light on career paths and equipping young girls with skill sets to enable them to confidently aspire, take up opportunities and confidently walk into rooms they deserve to be in.

Dunola has always been an advocate for social action. In 2018, Dunola won the Women of the future Community Spirit awards, she has served as a youth ambassador under the commonwealth and also sits on several strategic boards.

In this interview, we discussed a lot from her drive as a woman of impact, maximising opportunities, the journey and vision behind Luton Lights. I am honoured to introduce the creatives podcast, the first episode and our first guest, Dunola Oladapo.

Thank you for listening to the Creatives in Focus podcast!

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Instagram: @dunola_@lutonlights


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Luton Lights requires volunteers. If you want to serve your community by volunteering with this organisation please contact Luton lights: https://lutonlights.com/get-involved


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