Knit Dress

Knit Dress

I do not compromise on warmth and comfort in winter but I still try to look feminine. I currently am loving knit dresses from cable to fine, knit dresses can be paired with thigh-high boots or any appropriate footwear for the office and much more. I spotted this bodycon knit dress in a TK Maxx store (I am sorry I cannot find a  link) and I was drawn to the colours and the accentuated waist. I have purchased a few knit dresses which I will be sharing with you soon.


Dress: TK Maxx (12.99)

Shoes: Boohoo (Old pair)



I am learning that I can sometimes be controlled by emotions which is absolutely human. Whether passion, love,  frustration or fear. I am learning to think rationally and come to informed decisions that may not benefit me now but will in the future.



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