Leather and Tees

Leather and Tees

Hi friends, I have another style post and I will be writing short excerpts with my style posts.





 Top- Bershka 

 Skirt- Bershka

 Necklace- New look- Sold out 

  Shoes- Forever 21 


I work hard to measure up, to rise above certain insecurities. Unfortunately, I am prone to internalising these feelings and it is sometimes tiring. Something that has helped is speaking to my mentors for advice and encouragement.

I have learnt to acknowledge these feelings and learn from people ahead of me.

I have learnt that I have so much to offer, so I should focus on that. What are you good at? keep at it.

I have learnt that self-development is key. You can continue to feel inadequate or you can come to know yourself and develop yourself.



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Vicky x


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