Letting go and making room

Layo by Victoria

This entry is on self-development, a form of self-love. I practice self-love by constantly reflecting and seeking opportunities to develop as an individual. In January, I covered the benefits of a visual representation of your aspirations by creating mood boards.  I spent some of February evaluating my relationships, my aspirations, accepting and making room for the new.

The Old


I have always been a hopeless romantic and I honestly believed that at age of 25, I would be swept off my feet by a tall, dark and handsome man. This is in progress…


From a tender age, when asked about my future I would proudly announce I wanted to be a medical doctor. I passionately tried to make a reality until the age of 21. I loved how prestigious the title “Dr” sounded, I was passionate about making a difference in people lives and I felt like my path as a doctor would be straight forward. I would get into a pre-med degree, go to medical school, qualify as a dermatologist and live a fulfilled life.  For now, this is not the path I am on.

The New

I have learnt to enjoy my company, listen to myself, correct myself and discover myself. I have learnt about my strengths and weakness. I have learnt to be less of a control freak, to be patient and to stop being in a hurry.  I have learnt that love like the ones I see in the movies (that notebook love) is immensely exciting but choosing to love every day even when inconvenient is sustainable and organic.


My purpose is much bigger than a prestigious title, my impact is multifaceted and extraordinary. I am making room, for the new and for the unexpected.

You Reflect
Your dreams and needs are valid. Demand the best and be ambitious.

Make sure you are not giving up on your dreams because you believe you do not have the looks, ability, opportunities, or connections.

Do your aspirations and needs complement your life priorities and values?

Life is too short to be living an unfulfilled and mediocre life. Evaluate your purpose, your values your and vision for the future.  I have also applied this to my relationships. Why continue in unfruitful relationships?  Why surround yourself with friends that compete and not uplift?

Are you following the crowd?

It is easy to follow the crowd because the narrow path is wide and well-travelled. Success in any field requires passion and commitment. Are you passionate about your aspirations? Are you in it for the money, to gain acceptance or validation?

Make peace with your decisions and look forward.


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