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Tolu Coker A/W19 Fashion Scout Photo: Victoria Bola-Okerinde

Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend a few shows during London Fashion Week (Fashion Scout). Fashion Scout is the UK’s largest independent showcase for emerging and established designers during London Fashion Week. During LFW, the designers that showcased their work included: Tolu Coker, Helen Woollams, Jolin Wu, Boutique De Nana, Indonesia Fashion Showcase- Jera, Rocky star, ZL by Zlism, DB Berddan and other LFW designers.

My London Fashion Week Highlight
Tolu Coker

The British designer and Fashion Scout Merit Award winner, Tolu Coker, showcased her A/W19 collection during London Fashion Week. The Merit Award was created in 2009 and is an initiative worth £20,000 across three seasons. This award has been created to support and develop new designer businesses on a global level.

I was eager to see Coker’s show and it was nothing short of amazing. Coker’s A/W 19 collection was centred around her dual heritage. Coker’s show was truly a celebration of family, culture and identity. The show began with short clips from Coker’s childhood and continued with models energetically bouncing down the runway boomboxes in hand. Coker’s contemporary and sustainable collection composed of personal prints, tribal headpieces, reworked denim recycled leathers and reused plastic. The neutrals black, white, browns and beiges contrasted with bright, primary colours which evoked a sense of youth, freedom and confidence. Coker’s show truly set the pace for the rest of my LFW experience.

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Tolu Coker

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Helen Woollams

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Jolin Wu

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Indonesia Fashion Showcase- Jera
DB Berddan

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Written by Victoria Bola-Okerinde

Photography by Victoria Bola-Okerinde


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