Time Management and the Well-being of a Creative | Ada Oguntodu

Time Management and the Well-being of a Creative | Ada Oguntodu
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The life of a successful blogger may look glamorous on social media but it is a lot of hard work, especially behind the scenes. Good time management is needed to meet up with deadlines and remain relevant.

I was fortunate to interview fashion blogger and content creator; Ada Oguntodu, aka, “No Ordinary She”. This was an exciting interview for me because she is a fellow Aberdonian (based in Aberdeen). “No Ordinary She”, has worked with the likes of Monki and has quickly become one of the most successful fashion bloggers of North- East Scotland. During this interview, she stated that “No Ordinary She”, represents an attitude towards dressing fuelled by her spontaneous character. “No Ordinary She”, represents a fun, relaxed, anything can happen woman.

Find out what her thoughts are on time management and well-being below:

Vicky: Why did you choose to pursue a more creative path (Fashion Blogging)?

No Ordinary She: Styling has been a part of me from my childhood. I cannot remember a day go by without me digging through the depths of my wardrobe for all sorts of outfits. It turns out I am wired this way and there is no escaping what goes on in my head. I am not surprised I am now a fashion blogger. Before the blog, I would only dress up for church or outings with my family. I needed an avenue for release and creative freedom, social media came along and the rest is history.

Vicky: How do you get inspired?

No Ordinary She: I am inspired by everything around me really, people, music and fashion trends. Every now and then, I am a sucker for a ‘blast from the past’ also known as retro. I am also inspired by personalities like Yasmine Sewell.

Vicky: What keeps you motivated to carry on as a fashion blogger and a content creator?

No Ordinary She: Passion, simple as that. When I am putting outfits together, if it does not make me dance then I am not wearing it. Fashion is about self-expression; through my work, I hope to inspire people to not be always tamed when it comes to clothes.

Vicky: Is there anything you wish you knew before you started blogging?

No Ordinary She: Blogging has been and is a long learning experience. You can’t know everything; I guess I just carry on and learn things along the way.

Vicky: How do you manage your time?

No Ordinary She: There is no doubt that fashion blogging takes a lot of time management. I am talking about being able to account for every minute of the day. Without this, none of what I do will even be possible or at least not on this level. There is always something else that needs my attention but I prioritise and if I can, I fit it all in.

Vicky: You are a full-time mummy and wife; you also work corporately and blog. How do you balance work and family life?

No Ordinary She: My life is non-stop but I love being busy. It is a good thing but when it is time to grind to a halt and be present with family and friends, I am all in because family always comes first. I do this thing where I work myself out to the max during the week so my weekends are free for some me time. Watching TV box sets and finding new outfits also helps me relax.

Vicky: What does the term “Well-being” mean to you?

No Ordinary She: Well-being for me means feeling great inside and outside. It is hard to constantly feel like this; if not life would be even more amazing. I also try to not compromise on good sleep, eating well and the occasional exercise. To maintain a good state of mind, you must learn how to stay positive and encourage yourself. I guess this is my coping mechanism to deal with difficult situations.

Vicky: Are there any aspects of your well-being you would like to improve on?

No Ordinary She: Yeah!!! More sleep and staying away from junk food will do me a lot of good.

For more information on No Ordinary She:

Website: http://www.noordinaryshe.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noordinaryshe?

Instagram: @stylebyada

Twitter: @noordinaryshe

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