Why give up now?

Layo by Victoria
Layo by Victoria

We have two months left in 2019 and in this decade. Amazing! It has certainly been a roller coaster year, with more highs than lows. I have achieved so much this year, but my achievements have not come with ease.  I have had to push through things despite challenges. This year, there were times I wanted to give up on longstanding projects and dreams.

Honestly, I was only pushed into action during the second half of the year.  I guess it all started when I decided to take a risk on the apartment of my dreams. During this process, I learnt that sometimes you may have to do things alone but the knowledge you gain from such experience is incomparable. I learnt the importance of protecting your space rather than jumping into hasty decisions in the hope of profit. Finally, I have learnt to trust my gut instinct because it is 95% right.

I am a self-motivated individual. However, during the first half of the year, I was ready to give up on the Layo by Victoria and content creation.  My parents questioned the future of Layo by Victoria. I was not making any money from blogging and I felt like I was just another typical Instagram girl, taking pictures in nice clothes. Let me be real, I questioned what value I was adding as an influencer. After 5 years of blogging, my followership was still low, and this bothered me.

Early in the second half of the year, I experienced disappointment. This was a turning point for me.  I refused to let disappointment barter my confidence or even harbour bitterness.  I was upset for a day ( okay maybe three days). Then I remembered, I am beautiful, a child of God, I am smart, I am driven, and I am a creator.

I ask myself, “Why give up now? What steps can I take to change the current narrative?”  I remembered that over the last 5 years, Layo by Victoria has been a source of inspiration to many. I have gained many skills that will prove profitable in the future.

Why give up now? What steps can I take to change the current narrative?

I realised that I had come too far to give up on my dreams and a brighter future. I decided to pour all my energy into creating, making the decisions that will ensure a greater future. Then I started to see a change, I developed great ideas and opportunities to started coming my way.

Here are a few steps I have taken over the last few months. Perhaps my experience can inspire you to ignite your passion and vision.

Key steps

1. Re-evaluate – I decided to re-evaluate my vision for the platform Layo by Victoria and for my life. I wanted Layo by Victoria to fully reflect who I am as a person and my values

2. Use what is in your hand – I looked at what I already had rather than searching for something new. I started a project called “Creatives in Focus” three years ago to inspire young individuals to follow creative and unconventional paths. After much thought and research, I decided to launch Creatives in Focus – The Podcast to expand my reach and vision. 

3. Gain knowledge – I decided to listen to podcasts, read and listen to resources that would be a source of inspiration and motivation. I decided to actively seek and attend events that offered training on things I wanted to improve on. I looked at what others were doing, picked out the good aspects and made it my own.

4. Wait for no one – I decided to jump headfirst into actualising my ideas. I learnt not to wait for anyone to validate my efforts and ideas. I think it is important to be supported and support others but there are times you may have to do it alone. That is totally fine.

5. Plan – I decided to plan extensively. I knew that with renewed drive and motivation to create, I would have to manage my time well. I have a full-time job that I am dedicated to, I also have dreams that I am dedicated to. For months, I planned the steps I would take in order to achieve my goals. Although I must say some things happened spontaneously.

6. Invest – I knew that if I wanted to create something for great impact, I had to invest money and time. I invested time in learning the skills I needed for my projects. I drew up a budget, sometimes the budget went out of the window. Don’t let money keep you from starting. You may not need as much money as you think. Find a partner or an investor. Just make sure your ideas are solid and hold on to your vision.

Call to action

Don’t give up. I know it may seem like a good idea to stop rather than fail. Go back to the drawing board and run with your vision in 2020.

Layo by Victoria



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